The One Where Brian and Mickey Give It The Old College Try

Episode Summary

Episode 8 has Mickey and Brian chatting about CI/CD, more Azure DevOps, Git, and more events.

Episode Notes

The Show

Episode 8 has Brian and Mickey starting 2020 with new resolutions and more DevOps goodness as we turn the lights back on.

What did we talk about

All the links that are fit to ... print? Uh share. :-)

Christmas Hardware

What'd Mickey and Brian get?

Bose Headphones


DevOps tools, techniques and more

All sorts of stuff since our last show!

Big Patch Tuesday for Windwos 10 and more

Windows 7's last update?

GTA4 Leaves Steam

Mac Pro

MacBook Pro

ASRock X570 Creator Motherboard

Azure DevOps Sprint Update #163

GitHub Universe News

GitHub Security Lab

GitHub Actions 2.0 GA

GitHub for iOS

Martin Woodward's Xmas Lights

GitHub security alerts

GitHub for Android Beta

Git 2.25

Upcoming Shows

DeliveryConf - Jan. 21 & 22, 2020, Seattle WA

VSLive! - March 1 to 6, 202, Las Vegas, NV

The above VSLIVE link includes a promo code that saves you $400 Off Standard Pricing. Don't want to use the code, just head to the main site.

Something sad

Scott Allen Obituary

Honoring Scott Allen, a remarkable author, champion and friend

New Year's Resolutions

What are the boys thinking?


Objectives and Key Results

Bullet Journaling

Mickey's YouTube Channel


Volbeat come to the US

Graspop 2020 - June18 to 21 Dessel, Belgium


Show Wrap Up

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