The One Where We Talk Planning

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Brian and Mickey bring some news and talk about planning for teams and individuals.

Episode Notes


New GitHub Issues Update 1/13/2022

Unwatch all repos owned by a given user/org

Top-rated entries from Game Off 2021

How Five open source communities are using GitHub Discussions

Follow Up From Last Week's Show

Last week's article

Nasty ReFS bug and more


Windows Server 2019 OOB update fixes reboots, Hyper-V, ReFS bugs

Microsoft addresses last week’s buggy Windows Updates that broke VPNs and rebooted servers


How do you know where you're going if you don't have a roadmap (aka a plan)?

What we have seen at companies:

Azure DevOps



Personal Systems and tools

Some Of Mickey's Tools

Howard Dierking's post

Some New Tools Brian's Looking at

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